Stepping into 20th Century, starting venture since 1961. The Aftab Group is proclaiming luster presence in business arena and made a remarkable history in the private sector era that has been nourished and bloomed in different business concerns. Where most of the projects are telling successful stories resulting in playing a vital role to our economy.

Over the series of decades AFTAB itself became a brand having wide range of industries comprising of Aftab Global Textiles Ltd., Milnars Pumps Ltd., Sea Trade Fertilizer Ltd., Aftab Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd., Aftab Milk & Milk Products Ltd., Aftab Foods Ltd., Aftab Garments Ltd., Aftab CNG Ltd., Aftab Holdings Ltd., Aftab Properties Ltd., Aftab Global Foundation Ltd., A.G. Companies accompanied with other Local Concerns and Overseas Business named ALIB GROUP. Moreover Aftab Group is one of the major shareholders of Uttara Bank Ltd.

Aftab Group is well positioned to Capitalize on strong growth across industries in both the domestic and global markets. Each Group Company is managed by an independent professional team with significant depth of experience. Management teams have established a clear strategic plan that will further strengthen the overall platform.

The Group intends to leverage its market position and global scale, further diversify operations into highly profitable sectors, Capitalize on the domestic growth opportunity and selectively pursue international opportunities going forward.

In recognition of its corporate success and creation of shareholder value, the Aftab Group continues to make significant contributions to Bangladesh society. About 500 employees and more than 2,000 workers are involved in the group years together.

In a nutshell, The entire Aftab Group is being run by the dynamic, enthusiastic and towering capability Chairman Mr. Azharul Islam and the Vice Chairman & Managing Director Mr. Iftekharul Islam associated with a team of caliber professionals having a mission, vision and value that we are here to help.